PIQUE 7.0″ Smart Display Module

The beautiful face your product deserves.

  • Popular 7″ full-color 800×480 TFT display
  • Multitouch capacitive touchscreen
  • The horsepower of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module
  • 4 USB ports, flexible power input, and general-purpose I/O
  • Optional expansion peripherals

More Information

PIQUE-070 Datasheet
Product description and technical data for the PIQUE Smart Display Module.

PIQUE Product Line Overview
Technical data for all PIQUE Smart Display Modules.

Get the Starter Kit

Just the PIQUE


PIQUE Preinstalled Environment
An Ubuntu 20 VirtualBox virtual machine preconfigured with toolchains, application launcher, example programs, and tools.

A customized version of Raspberry Pi OS Buster with preinstalled tools, libraries, and startup system.

Going Further

Expansion I/O
Available Compute Module 3 GPIO signals and peripherals, transitioning I/O signals from the Raspberry Pi to PIQUE, and an overview of available PIQUE expansion boards.

Optimizing Boot Times
Improving time to first image and time until application is available to the user.

Thermal Management
Options for controlling and Compute Module Temperature, automatic safeguards, and characterizing thermal performance.

Compute Module 3 vs. 3+
Differences between the modules, and ensuring your software image supports both.