Rich, full-color graphics,
deep black fascia, 7, 10.1, or 15.4″ TFT display, protective cover glass


Quick animation, full-speed video, image-recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence


Use popular open-source frameworks:
Electron (HTML, CSS, JS)
Qt (QML, C++)
LVGL (C/C++)

Easy to

Wide voltage input, mounting options,
industrial components, expansion I/O options


Starting at

A Stunning Look
and Feel

Let’s face it. The product’s display is the product. 94% of your customer’s user experience occurs via the touchscreen. Position your product as a premium brand with a rich, snappy user experience.

Horsepower for
Limitless Capability

Stop worrying about limited RAM, CPU speed, storage, and graphics performance. With PIQUE, you’re already designing for the future. Give your users a quick screen transitions, animation, and full-speed high resolution video. Be prepared to incorporate image recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence into your product offering. When you’re ready, it’s ready.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Specifications:

  • 1.2 GHz CPU
  • VideoCore GPU
  • 1 GB SDRAM
  • 8-32 GB flash.

Rapid Development, Mainstream Tools

PIQUE supports a range of popular, open-source development frameworks. A preinstalled disk image and powerful virtual environment ensures developers are up-to-speed in minutes, not weeks. Finally, PIQUE runs Raspberry Pi OS, so you benefit from a large and supportive open-source community.

Electron : HTML+CSS with Javascript
Qt: QML with C++

Easy Integration into New
and Existing Products

Scale Up or Down

Available Now
Starting at $150

The Circuit Foundry stocks ready-to-ship inventory so you can get started immediately. The PIQUE Starter Kit contains everything you need to write and deploy application software. We know you’re eager to get started, so starter kits ship same-day.

PIQUE – the face of your product,
the engine of your success.

Contact The Circuit Foundry or order a starter kit today.