Minimize Engineering, Maximize Results

Step 1. Prove the concept, respond to the customer.

Use PIQUE to develop your application right away and respond to your customer’s input quickly.

Step 2. Market your product.

Use PIQUE to be ready for trade shows, product demos, customer testing, and training.

Step 3. Go Lean.

You’ve proven the market for your product, and the feature set is final. It’s time to engineer a cost-reduced, customized platform. Lean PIQUE is the answer.

This is Lean PIQUE

Lean PIQUE is a bare-metal (no operating system) ARM-based platform capable of driving touchscreen displays up to 1366×768.

Because Lean PIQUE is highly-customized, some non-recurring engineering is required.

Most customers start with our standard Lean PIQUE platform, then depopulate components or work with us to create a custom circuit board and mechanical assembly.

Lean PIQUE retains features such as USB ports, Ethernet, flexible power input, and real-time clock. These features can be depopulated or omitted from a custom version of the platform to save cost.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll help you find the easiest path to a successful high-volume product launch.