Isolated Input/Output Interface

Part Number: 41115-802

The Isolated I/O Interface provides 6 optically-isolated input and 6 optically-isolated output signals controlled as standard Compute Module 3 signal pins.

An isolated connection is necessary when connecting to remote circuits that drive high current devices such as motors or valves to prevent issues with ground differential and to drive circuitry at higher voltages. Output signals typically drive high-current devices (e.g. motors and valves) via a relay or FET. Input signals are typically used for limit switches, position encoders, and operator inputs.

41115-802 PIQUE Expansion Board

The 41115-856 connects to the remote system using a rugged and convenient removeable screw terminal block that accepts stripped wire. The expansion board can be interfaced to both 12VDC and 24VDC electrical systems.