Isolated RS-485/422 Port

Part Number: 41115-856

The Isolated RS-485/422 Port converts the TTL/CMOS UART signals from the Compute Module 3 into a full-duplex port capable of speeds up to 20-Mbps with 2.5-kVrms isolation and a 4.0 Vpk surge capability.

An isolated connection is necessary when connecting to remote circuits that drive high current devices such as motors or valves to prevent communication errors caused by ground differentials during operation.

41115-856 PIQUE Expansion Board

The 41115-856 connects to the remote system using rugged and convenient screw terminals that accept stripped wire. A jumper is installed when the 41115-856 must supply isolated voltage to the remote system. A jumper setting also allows the 41115-856 to be configured as a half-duplex transceiver.